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Tli West – July 23, 2016 In Moline, Il

Western Illinois University – Quad City Campus, 3300 River Road, Moline, Illinois. All Club Officers Are Strongly Urged To Attend Toastmaster Leadership Training, But There Is Something For Everyone. …

Program Quality Director Report – June 2016

We have Nineteen days left in this Toastmaster year. How are your personal goals and the goals of your club, Area, and Division doing? Distinguished Club Program Status as of 6/7/2016 Division A – 2 clubs Distinguished, 2 clubs Select Distinguished Division B – 5 clubs Distinguished, 1 club Select Distinguished Division C – 1 […]

Be your own CEO

Connect Educational Options (CEO) New information about the Revitalized Education Program will be presented in the July Toastmaster magazine, such as: Key components in the program Recognition system for educational achievements of both members and clubs Plan for program’s launch, and order of the rollout by Region (District 54: Region 5) Process for training that […]