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Call for Nominations

District Purpose The purpose of our district is to enhance the quality and performance, as well as extend the network of member clubs of Toastmasters International within the boundaries of District 54, thereby offering greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters educational program by: Focusing on the critical success factors as […]

Team Building Contests – Feb 2016

Wanted: District 54 Toastimonials Who & What? Submit 3-5 club member Toastimonials (50 words or less) to be featured on District 54’s website Toastimonials can be member’s responses to one of these questions: Why did you join Toastmasters? Why do you stay in Toastmasters? Why do you recommend for people to try out/join Toastmasters? When […]

Happy 2016 – Pat Reisdorf

Welcome to District 54! Happy 2016! The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2016 as International Year of Pulses Speaking of Pulse, have you checked on the pulse of your Toastmasters Club? Check on your progress towards Distinguished, Select Distinguished, or Presidents Distinguished Club Plan. When do you predict your Club will earn Distinguished Club […]

Holiday Message – You Matter, Members Matter

You Matter Reach deep down inside to find what makes you quite unique, Discover traits of yours alone which others seem to seek. These are not always obvious, or visible to an eye, You simply are a miracle; do you ever wonder why? That miracle is YOU, the special sunshine you impart, Your presence is […]

October-November Message: What Keeps you in District 54?

You Matter, Members Matter That is why we plan to feature a full year of unique District 54 Toastimonials, inspiring, funny, and poignant member stories or vignettes, about you and your club. What motivated you to join a club in District 54? What were your first impressions? Were your knees shaking? Did you go to […]

September-October – Charter Strength Matters

Are you Strong at Heart? Do you do Strength-Building Exercises? We would like to recruit a few Charter Strength Matters (CSM) Coaches! If you feel you could be a great coach with the right approach (in person and/or electronically), and would be interested in being a CSM Coach, working with two (2) Areas (except as […]

To Infinity and Beyond Plan 2015-16

What Will it Take? How Can You Help Welcome Aboard D54 Leadership and Beyond! With each District 54 Member on board, we’ll have a blast! MembersClubs Year Base October April New Charter Late Total Base Paid Active Distinguished 2015-16 3267140014007002000370084949450 2014-15 3241122712406816257326782838438 2013-14 3224122812316596533321682788340 2012-13 3161123212186794422319179787940 2011-12 323212121233625847316177798140 2010-11 31311264123959911310322573767846 2009-10 30221241122760546231217573750 2008-09 293511771132611946302072757536 Bold […]

July Message – You Matter, Members Matter

Pat ReisdorfDistrict Director2015-2016 Here’s to 2015/2016 Because you matter, make sure you appear in your Club's Success Plan. Because members matter, we challenge you to make sure each & every member of your Toastmasters Club is included in your Club's Success Plan 2015-16. When you set your goals, whether you are focused on Communication and/or […]

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