September-October – Charter Strength Matters

Are you Strong at Heart? Do you do Strength-Building Exercises?

We would like to recruit a few Charter Strength Matters (CSM) Coaches!

If you feel you could be a great coach with the right approach (in person and/or electronically), and would be interested in being a CSM Coach, working with two (2) Areas (except as noted), please check the pairings below:

Official Fall 2015 Game Day Pairings:

Area 40 / Area 43Area 20 / Area 21
Area 10 / Area 11Area 22 / Area 42
Area 32 / Area 41Area 61 / Area 62
Area 12 / Area 60Area 51 / Area 52

Additional Adventure Challenge (due to odd # of Areas)

[Area 30 = All Clubs CS + Area 31 Avg= 30 mems/club + Area 50 Avg= 27 mems/club]

  • Goal #1: Every Club in both designated Areas at Charter Strength Matters (CSM) Status by Sat, 12/12/15, 2:12:15 AM!
  • Prize: Each successful CSM Coach negotiates Fame or Fortune Incentive with District 54 Director!
  • If you elect to compete with other CSM Coaches, are successful with Goal #1 and end up with highest overall Area Club Avergae members/club by 12/12/15, this qualifies you for:
    1. Super CSM Coach Double Incentive PLUS
    2. Bragging Rights Trophy for your living room or den!

How to Enroll in this Special Offer (not available on TV!)

  • Double Area Pairings distributed on a first come, first served basis (while supplies last).
  • Connect with your Inner CSM Coach: Do You Have the Guts to Go for the Glory?
  • Curious: Do District 54 Males or Females perform better as CSM Coaches? Stay tuned!
  • Wonder: Are retired PDGs/other officers Strong at Heart & Feeling Fit for this?
  • Grab a friend or colleague and be a district hero - Become a CSM Coach today!

Thanks for all you do on behalf of our members of District 54!

Pat Reisdorf
District Director

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