Checklist To Do Toastmasters Well

Checklist To Do Toastmasters Well (remarks From Angie Mullin - Program Quality Director)

  • Can Visitors Find You?
    Encourage your VPPR and VPM to ensure all club web pages, social networking sites and marketing materials are updated with current meeting and club officer information.
  • Tis The Season For TLI's
    Encourage all club officers to attend the Toastmaster Leadership Institutes for training. A minimum of 4 officers need to attend both Summer and Winter TLI or make-up TLI sessions to qualify to meet one of the 10 Club DCP Goals. If you have already attended, THANK YOU
  • Present Moments of Truth
    Use the results from this session to help shape club goals and a club success plan.
  • Encourage Your VPE To Send Out A Club Program Quality Survey Or Conduct Personal Interviews
    Ask club members to share their educational goals for the year. Use These results to help shape your club goals and your Club Success Plan. Remember, it is all about the member lets help them achieve
  • Complete A Club Success Plan and Share It
    Do your Area/Division Directors know what your plans are how about your club members. Maybe you have great ideas that should be shared with others in the Area/Division and District
  • Complete An Event Calendar
    Include at least 1 membership growth campaign per quarter. Ask Club VPPRs and VPMs to share their ideas and add their planned events.
  • Keep Tracking Those Educational Goals
    Easyspeak is a great club management tool. If You are not using it, what are you using?
  • Ensure Your Club Has A Working Mentoring Program
    If not, implement one.
  • Prepare and Implement Club Speech Contests
    Please work with your Area Director, as club contests should be completed before the scheduled date of your Area contest. Encourage members to step out of their comfort zone, because this is the only way to grow. Lets shoot for a record number of people to become involved in the Area and Division Speech Contests this year.
  • How Is Your Membership If You Have 12 Members Or Less
    Consider seeking help from your Area/Division Directors to obtain a Club Coach. Rest assured: Taking this step is NOT A sign of failure. Instead, it is a chance to implement new suggestions and ideas and gain perspective from an outsider looking in. These experiences are intended to help and can be very beneficial to the club
  • Come To The District Conferences
    It is now time to register for the District 54 Fall Conference. Don't Miss out conferences are tailored to provide a lot of education and an opportunity to develop many long lasting friendships. I really hope to see you there

I can't stress enough about how much toastmasters has played an important part of my life.

Through my own experiences, i believe we have the ability to change lives for the better.

To do this we need to focus on our club members and provide a quality program. So, join me, and lets help others. Lets work together and Lets Do Toastmasters Well.

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