Club Growth Director Report – Feb 2016

Spring Dues Renewal Awards

It's time to start reminding your club members about dues that are coming up for the April 1 through September 30 membership period.

Here in District 54 we would love to have most of our renewals into TI well before the April 1 deadline.

Here's a little contest to make it more interesting for all club members.

How to Participate

Pay Member dues for at least 80% of your club members to TI by:
  • March 5 to earn 10 raffle tickets
  • March 15 to earn 5 raffle tickets
  • March 31 to earn 2 raffle tickets

Lottery tickets will be drawn in April for these prizes:

First Prize

  • Core Values coin for every club member
  • Customizable meeting sign
  • Set of Table Talks cards

Second Prize

  • Customizable meeting sign
  • Set of Table Talks cards

All other qualifying clubs

  • Set of Table Talks cards

Let your club members know they can enjoy these prizes by just getting their dues to you as early as possible!

Cece Wroblewski, DTM
Club Growth Director

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