Club Growth Director Report – Jan 2016

Membership Renewals

We still have 4 clubs that are below the minimum number of members to be considered a Toastmasters Club and are in danger of suspension if this continues into the Spring.

  1. Area 22 – Speak Boldly with 5 members (Rachel Snell and Tony Koury are working with them)
  2. Area 40 – Accentuators with 6 members
  3. Area 40 - State Farm Southwinds with 7 members
  4. Area 62 – Farmers Insurance with no dues paid yet (Jenny Hamby and Angie Mullin are working with them)

Member payments have increased by 29 since our last DEC meeting. At this S-L-O-W rate we'll be far behind our membership goal for District 54 this year.

Please encourage your clubs to grow their membership with Open Houses, Membership Campaigns, and other special events to raise awareness of the value of Toastmasters. Find those people who made New Year's Resolutions to become more comfortable with public speaking – they are out there waiting for you to invite them to your clubs!

We have one new Club Coach, Robert Atteberry, assigned to Emerson Street Speakers (Area 52) and a second coach who may help with Lincoln Way (Area 60).
That only leaves us in need of coaches for 27 other clubs who are below 12 members! Please scour your Divisions for volunteers for this very important and challenging role of Club Coach.

New Clubs

No new clubs chartered this month but several good leads are being worked - Bolingbrook Chamber of Commerce, Decatur Chamber of Commerce, Advocate Bromenn Hospital in Bloomington, two possibilities in the Peoria area that are two soon to name, a potential new Caterpillar club with 12 committed members so far.

Please keep me up-to-date with other potential new clubs you are working on so we can share resources. You don't have to do this single-handedly! Remember "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success!"

Cece Wroblewski, DTM
Club Growth Director

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