District Director Report

From the Desk of:

Anthony J. Koury, DTM
District 54
District Director

Back in April 2003 I read a flyer that was posted on the bulletin board at the Caterpillar Mapleton Foundry in Mapleton, IL where I worked. It was a flyer advertising the Power Communicators Club and I decided to call the phone number on the flyer to talk to the club president. At the end of that phone conversation, I accepted his invitation to be a guest at the next club meeting. Little did I envision what was in store for me by accepting his invitation.

Four months later I joined the Power Communicators Club. Little did I envision how my life would be impacted as a result of joining Toastmasters.

After 15 1/2 years on my journey in Toastmasters little did I envision that I would be a District Director.

To this day, I still do not know who had the idea to advertise a club at the Caterpillar Mapleton Foundry, a club that met 30 miles away at the Caterpillar Mossville Facility in Mossville, IL and if that person ever truly realized how his/her idea specifically impacted my life.

My fellow Toastmasters, you see it is our ideas, it is our decisions, and it is our actions that can and will have an impact not only on our own life, but on the lives of everyone we touch whether we realize it or not.

Dr. Ralph Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters said, and I quote, "Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others." End of quote.

My fellow Toastmasters, it is my vision that every member, current and future will become a better speaker, a better leader, and a more confident person as a result of our ideas, our decisions, and our actions. I ask you that my vision becomes your vision too.

Yes my fellow Toastmasters, there will be many challenges facing us.

However, I believe that as a team we can defeat the challenges that will lie ahead of us. Each and every one of you is vitally important and can play an integral part in this team effort because each one of you possesses a distinct set of skills, talents, and knowledge and when we bind together and mold as a team we will then become an invincible force, an invincible force to be reckon with. We will then prevail over our challenges no matter how many or how big! It is then and only then that we will be able to succeed in realizing our vision. As a result, we will not only have impacted our own life, but the lives of everyone we touched.

Are you ready? Are you ready to join this invincible force? Are you ready to prevail over the challenges that lie ahead of us? Are you ready to succeed in realizing our vision? Are you ready to not only impact your own life, but the lives of everyone you touch?

Dr. Ralph Smedley said, and I quote, "While most of us may have entered Toastmasters to learn to make speeches, that benefit is but the beginning of the good which may come to us and the good which we may do for mankind." End of quote.

In the spirit of Dr. Ralph Smedley, let us then begin this journey together! Let us not only impact our own life, but let us impact the lives of everyone we touch.

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