District Director Report

Imagine. You already put in 60 hours this week, you’re tired and you’re late for work. But, you decide to go to Starbucks anyway. You go through the drive thru to find out that the lemon loaf gone, but you can have the last piece of dry, crusty, old banana bread. So, you make the purchase and go on with your day.

Then, you get a really nice hand gesture from someone on the road, because you changed a lane and totally missed that they were in your blind spot. So, you take the criticism, and go on with your day.

Then, you sit at your desk, work hard and tap away at the keyboard, just so the boss can walk by and not even acknowledge you are there. So, you try not to let it bother you, and go on with your day.

This is the world we live in. We go on with our day, every day, day in and day out.

Then you get a phone call. It is your Toastmasters friend, who just called to say, “I just got my DTM. You inspired me and helped me earn it. Thank you.”

Or…your Toastmasters friend gives you a small bag of cinnamon bears, because she knows you work hard, and she thought it might make your day.

That is why I remain so committed to Toastmasters – because of the people and the chance to help others.

As much as I love to see my own successes, I am more inspired more when I know I can help others.

In my own times of weakness, I feel reassured knowing my friends are willing to overlook my faults and continue to mentor me, because they understand that this is the place “where leaders are made.” 

Toastmasters is my love and my passion, and District 54 is my family.

I especially love the theme of this conference, “R.I.S.E. and Shine.” It is so appropriate. If you are new to the conference, or new to Toastmasters, “R.I.S.E” is an acronym for the Toastmasters core values of “Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.” When we, as Toastmasters, really practice these core values, we set our organization apart from others. Anyone can go somewhere and be treated ordinarily at best. But, where can you go to have people respect you, support you…and encourage you?

When we do Toastmasters right, when we remember and live by the words, Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence, we set ourselves apart from every other place. When we RISE, we become the place where PEOPLE WANT TO BE.

One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou. She said, “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” When we help others, when we treat others with respect, when we serve as leaders, and when we expect and deliver excellence, PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER.

My friends in Toastmasters, let’s be an organization that is set apart from everyone and everything else…and become the place where people want to be. Let’s be the organization where members know they matter…and let’s remember to RISE so that EVERYONE shines.

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