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District Team ~ Toastmasters District 54

District Team

District Leader Nominating Form
Candidate Application
Officer Agreement and Release Form

District Leadership

Position Name
District Director Christopher Boyk
Program Quality Director Bala Sreedharan
Club Growth Director Angela Mullin
Public Relations Manager Ronald Korte
Administration Manager Debra Toohill
Finance Manager Rabah Seffal
Logistics Manager Frank Hankins
Parliamentarian Michael Mullin
Immediate Past District Director Anthony Koury

Division and Area Directors

Office Name
Division A Steve Cohen
Area 10 Jim Dickson
Area 11 Daniel Kyburz
Area 12 Wendy Pesavento
Division B Jayaraman Jai
Area 20 Nitin Vishwakarma
Area 21 TBD
Area 22 Lloyd Trowers
Division C Michael Bradford
Area 30 TBD
Area 31 Greg LeRoy
Area 32 TBD
Division D Sarah Kline
Area 40 Constance Lusietto
Area 41 Jason Riddle
Area 42 TBD
Area 43 Sherri Deleonardis
Division E Larry Josephson
Area 50 Garrett Gray
Area 51 Craig Karvala
Area 52 Jeuan Jemma Ku

Additional Leadership

Position Name
District Webmaster Jordan Sovereign
Newsletter Editor Pat Reisdorf
Club Website Coordinator Thaddeus Gray
Social Media Coordinator John Blasé
Historian Catrina Eimer
District Training Coordinator Angela Mullin
Club Retention Chair Bonnie Tippey
Club Extension Chair Jerry Evans
Prison Club Manager Jon Greiner
Prison Club Administrator Carol Loser
Club Quality & Membership Coordinator Tom Willison
Leadership Development Chair Dick Poirier
Leadership Path Coordinator Jason Heissler
Talent Development Coordinator Heather Armstrong
Strategic Planning Advisory Committee Chair Jon Greiner
Speakers Bureau Chair Paul Rak
Sound Engineer Mike Mullin
Leadership Committee Chair Anthony Koury
Alignment Committee Chair Valerie Horton
Audit Committee Chair Jason Heissler
District Photographer Lyndon Rich
Pathways Support Coordinator Maryann Reichelt
Pathways Support Team Member Dick Poirier
Pathways Support Team Member Pat Reisdorf
Pathways Support Team Member Phil Daniel
Pathways Support Team Member Dan Kyburz
Pathways Support Team Member Bobby Dillard