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District 54 Conference and Major Event History

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ConferenceHosted ByLocationKeynoter(s)
Spring 2024Division C
Spring 2023Division F
Spring 2022Division B
Spring 2021Division E
Spring 2020Division A
Spring 2019 (March 29-30)
CLIMB to the Top!
Division D
Kavya Kosalaraman & Rabah Seffal
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Bloomington - Normal, IllinoisDr. Jann Freed
Spring 2018 (Apr 21-22)
TRIPLE CROWN: Leading Your Way
Division C
Martie Ogborn & Heather Armstrong
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites East PeoriaCallista Gould
Fall 2017 (Oct 13-14)
Rise & Shine
Division F
Dick Poirier & Christopher Boyk
Bourbonnais Holiday InnJohnny Campbell
Spring 2017 (Apr 28-29)
Passport to Opportunities
Division B
Bala Sreedharan & Veronica Montgomery
Moline iWireless, RadissonPaul Axtell
Fall 2016 (Sep 30-Oct 1)
Giving Courage Through Encouragement
Division E
Darrel Felty & Debra KToohill
Decatur, Decatur Conference/HotelLance Miller, WC
Spring 2016 (Apr 22-23)
Power of the Past, Force of the Future
Division A
John Jerrard & John Wesser
Saint Charles Hilton Garden InnDavid Brooks, WC
Fall 2015 (Nov 13-14)
Toastmasters Go B.I.G.-Believe in Greatness
Division D
Crystal Dyer & Bonnie Tippey
Normal, Marriott Hotel & ConferenceJim Key, WC
Spring 2015 (Apr 12-13)
Believe It and Achieve It!
Division C
Angie Mullin, Mike Mullin, Marguerite Ross
Peoria Civic Center Pere MarquettePresiyan Vasilev, WC
Fall 2014 (Nov 7-8)
The Amazing Race to Excellence
Division F
Joyce Schumpert
Bolingbrook Holiday InnMike Storkey, 1st VP
Spring 2014 (Apr 11-12)
Take a Chance, Make a Change
Division B
John Mailer & Bharat Shanmugakani
Moline, iWireless Center, RadissonAlan Shaner, ID Jill Morgenthaler
Fall 2013 (Nov 2)
Leadership: Navigating Your Future
Division E
Eddie Gichuhi & Jan Lameyer
Champaign Holiday InnRandy Harvey, WC Ed Tate, WC
Spring 2013 (Apr 12-13)
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Division A
Pat Reisdorf & Ray Termini
Saint Charles Hilton Garden InnDarren LaCroix, WC
Fall 2012 (Oct 26-27)
Communication- A World of Opportunities
Division C
Cece Wroblewski
Peoria, Four Points SheratonJim Key, WC
Spring 2012 (Apr 27-28)
Building Blocks for Leadership
Division D
Harvey Thomas, Michael Smith
Bloomington ChateauAndrew Little, ID
Fall 2011 (Oct 28-29)
Activate Your Ambition
Division F
LuAnn Larson, Ron Jones
Sandwich Timber Creek InnMaureen Zappala
Spring 2011 (May 20-21)
Division F
Heather Godsey, Becky Fallin
Bolingbrook Holiday InnLance Miller, WC
Fall 2010 (Oct 29-30)
Division D
Catrina Eimer
Bloomington Holiday Inn Airport
Spring 2010 (Apr 16-17)
Setting Your Potential Free
Division C
Erika Arnhart
East Peoria Par-a-Dice Hotel
Fall 2009 (Nov 13-14)
Making Your Dreams Happen
Division B
Bobby Dillard
Galesburg Prairie Inn
Spring 2009 (Apr 3-4)
Division A
Del Calderini
Crystal Lake Holiday Inn ExpressJana Barnhill, Tl President
Fall 2008 (Nov 21-22)
Sowing Seeds of Success
Division E
Ted Korupp
Urbana Champaign
Spring 2008 (Apr 11-12)
Expect Success
Division D
Darrel Felty
Bloomington ChateauDarren LaCroix, WC
Fall 2007 (Apr 16-17)
Moving Mountains in Moline
Division B
Greg Harmon
MolineEd Hearn, WC
Spring 2007 (Apr 27-28)
The Total Toastmaster
Division C
Tom Simeone
Bradley Quality Inn
Fall 2006 (Nov 3-4)
Leadership- Your Path to Success
Division C
Martie Ogborn
Peoria, Downtown City Ctr, Holiday Inn
Spring 2006 (Apr 21-22)
Communication is Fundamental
Division D
Bonnie Tippey
Bloomington Chateau
Fall 2005 (Nov 4-5)
Division E
Spring 2005 (Apr 15-16)
Division A
Rockford Clock Tower Inn
Fall 2004 (Nov 12-13)
Division B
Moline Holiday Inn Express
2004-2005Division Jon Greiner served as Toastmasters International President
2004-2006Division Dick Poirier served as Toastmasters International Director
Spring 2004 (Apr 16-17)
Shake, Rattle, & Roar
Division D
Diana Hauman
Fall 2003 (Nov 14-15)
Division C
Spring 2003 (Apr 25-26)
Be All That You Can Be in 2003
Division A
Patti Soby
Elgin, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza
Fall 2002 (Oct 25-26)
Division C
Peoria, Holiday Inn Brandywine
Spring 2002 (April 21-22)
Division A
DeKalbNIU Holmes Student Center
Fall 2001 (Oct 11-12)
Division E
Champaign Urbana
Spring 2001 (May 11-12)
Division A
Saint CharlesJoanna McWilliams, Tl President
Fall 2000 (Oct 13-14)
Division D
Bloomington Jumers Chateau
Spring 2000 (Apr 7-9)
Flight 2000 Soaring to New Heights
Division A
Paul Newe, Elizabeth Pearson
Rockford Cliffbreakers
Fall 1999 (Oct 29-31)
Board the Train to Distinguished
Division C
Pete Taraboletti
Peoria, Holiday Inn City Center
Spring 1999Division
Fall 1998Division
Spring 1998Division
Fall 1997 (Oct 26-27)
Toastmasters Days & Hollywood Nights
Division D
Bloomington Normal, Holiday Inn
Spring 1997 (Apr 18-20)
Communication- Your Bridge to the Future
Division D
Buzz Swett, Linda Swett
Urbana, Jumers Hotel Castle Lodge
Fall 1996
Looking to the Future
Division C
Spring 1996Division
Fall 1995Division
Spring 1995Division
Fall 1994Division
Spring 1994 (Apr 23-24)
Building People Through Toastmasters
Division C
Sharon Jones
Fall 1993 (Nov 12-14)
Growing Toward 2001: A Toastmasters Odyssey
Division E
Anthony Audrich
Spring 1993Division
Fall 1992Division
Spring 1992Division
Fall 1991Division
Spring 1991Division
  • ID - International Director
  • WC - World Champion of Public Speaking