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Find Your Voice ~ Toastmasters District 54

Find Your Voice

District Director Report, April 2016

  • When did you first Find Your Voice? Were you alone, or in front of a large group of people?
  • What are you doing with the Power of Your Past?

The etymology of the word POWER implies ability to act or do, strength, vigor, or might. You may not be a super hero because you find it difficult to fly, or because your cape gets caught in the car door, or you can't handle red boots and blue shorts with white stars, on a daily basis.

Remember when Mom and Dad, or Grandma and Grandpa told you it's WHAT'S INSIDE that counts? The power of your voice doesn't have to emerge full throttle. It gains ground in the gut, and emanates through your heart and soul.

The power of your voice can:
  • Be a whisper of encouragement to folks diagnosed with difficulties, discouraged by demands
  • Be an act of courage when you take a stand on workplace bullying and domestic abuse, and
  • Be a call to action for wounded veterans, displaced refugees, and human trafficking victims.

Have you considered what Forces of Your Future have life-changing potential? The etymology of the word FORCE implies strength, courage, or fortitude.

Your Voice in Toastmasters Matters. You Matter, Members Matter.
Together as Toastmasters, we can make a difference.

Reach down; listen from your heart.
Reach up beyond the stars; tap into that twinkle that lights up your eyes.
Reach over outside your comfort zone to include individuals itching for an invite.
Reach out; mentor those who may not muster up courage and conviction in their voice.

Invite fellow Toastmasters to join you and commit to make your Club matter.
Use your collective voice; invite a plethora of people to visit and join your Club.

Your Voice in Toastmasters Matters. You Matter, Members Matter.
Together as Toastmasters, we can make a profound difference to impact the world.

Power of the Past – Force of the Future.
It is up to each of us; there's no time like the present for our presence!

You Matter, Members Matter.
Thanks for all you do to impact members in District 54, each and every day!

Pat Reisdorf,
District Director

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