Happy 2016 – Pat Reisdorf

Welcome to District 54!

Happy 2016! The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2016 as
International Year of Pulses

Speaking of Pulse, have you checked on the pulse of your Toastmasters Club?

Check on your progress towards Distinguished, Select Distinguished, or Presidents Distinguished Club Plan. When do you predict your Club will earn Distinguished Club Program (DCP) bragging rights? By April? May? June?

Think of the DCP as your healthy heart checkup, composed of four ventricles:

  • T = Training (Goal 9)
  • E = Education (Goals 1 - 6)
  • A = Administration (Goal 10)
  • M = Members (Goals 7 - 8)
Check your DCP Goals

Does your Toastmasters Club have a Strong Pulse? Is it Heart Healthy?

Share your club with the world! To demonstrate teamwork, and pride in your Club colleagues, consider the Toastmasters Video Brand Contest. Enter the monthly contest to put your club on the worldwide map, and have a chance to win a branded banner, lectern, or marketing materials.

Contest runs until December 31, 2016.

To enter, send a short video of your club members showing their excitement for the Toastmasters brand.

Any District 54 Club that enters the TI Video Brand contest will also win a TI Gift Certificate from District 54

Send your video link to Pat Reisdorf, District Director, director@d54toastmasters.com, and Eddie Gichuhi, prmgr@d54toastmasters.com

For more info: http://www.toastmasters.org/Leadership-Central/Public-Relations/Video-Brand-Contest

Members matter, you matter;

Here is to a happy, heart healthy 2016 for everyone in District 54!

Pat Reisdorf
District Director

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