Holiday Message – You Matter, Members Matter

You Matter

Reach deep down inside to find what makes you quite unique,
Discover traits of yours alone which others seem to seek.
These are not always obvious, or visible to an eye,
You simply are a miracle; do you ever wonder why?

That miracle is YOU, the special sunshine you impart,
Your presence is a gift to share, directly from the heart.
You celebrate all those you meet by what you say and do,
So take time to shine and grow that light that glows in you!

You Matter, Members Matter

Your presence is a gift to all of us, and there’s no time like the present to share that gift.

Consider inviting a complete stranger to one of your District 54 Toastmasters Club meetings. Offer them a glimpse of the gift they could give themselves that could be life-changing, for you and for that person.

Sometimes all that is needed is someone extending an invitation, and then your club colleagues can extend welcome handshakes, in a safe and supportive environment.

Just think - Some individuals may feel invisible. Some people have never had the opportunity to find their voice.

You could be that one person who makes a difference, and who changes their life for the better.

You Matter, Members Matter.

While you are in a giving mood, consider sharing your ideas on where we could grow additional Toastmasters Clubs, giving more individuals the opportunity to connect with other human beings, and share their stories.

Your gift of sharing your thoughts and ideas on new club prospects could help us expand our presence within District 54 boundaries.

Toastmasters is open to people in all walks of life, ages 18 on up. Wouldn't it be awesome to have bragging rights about our having active Club members of all ages and all demographics within our District 54 community?

Email me your ideas on new club possibilities:

You Matter. You are present. Your presence has no boundaries, and no limits. Continue to find your voice, share your presence, and make a difference with everyone around you.

You Matter, Members Matter.

With a grateful heart,

Pat Reisdorf
District Director

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