September – Make Toastmasters Rewarding

Life is not always rewarding - but in Toastmasters we try to find opportunities that spell rewards!

Individual Rewards

Toastmasters recognize that our members are the best recruiting tool around. So we want to reward those members who put this skill to work. Club members who bring in a guest who joins their club or any club in District 54 will earn a choice of rewards of Toastmaster-branded merchandise.

Club Contest Rewards

What has Toastmasters International done for you lately?

Well, how about the Smedley Award membership contest! If your club gains 5 new, dual, or reinstated members from Aug 1 through Sept 30, your club wins a ribbon for your banner and a 10% discount off a Tl store order.

And what has District 54 done for you lately?

If you qualify for the Smedley Award your club will also receive a $25 TI Store credit from the District! How's your math? That's really worth $27.75 with the discount! Time is passing quickly... bring in the members!

Pay your Dues on Time Reward

Membership dues for all club members are due into Toastmasters International by Sept 30. Our district budget depends on the timely payment of all members' dues. Encourage club Treasurers in your Area to send out invoices by email or USPS to all members to remind them of the dues deadline. If your club meets this deadline for 80% of your club's base membership, your club will earn a reward from District 54.

What's that you say? A reward? Oh! How about a $30 Tl Store gift certificate! For your club!

New Clubs Reward

We have 4 new clubs "in the hopper" as they say.

What about your Division? We'd like to charter those 4 clubs and another 2 or 3 by the end of 2015.
Some ideas:

  • Have you thought about checking with your local automobile dealerships to see if they would like to sponsor a community club? They often have a conference room and would love to have more people wandering through their showroom to get to a Toastmasters meeting. Their sales people might even be potential members.
  • Work with other small businesses that can't support a club by themselves but would contribute employees to be members of a community club.
  • Hook up with your local Chamber of Commerce to find businesses through their directory.

Then contact me or our New Club Chair, Darrel Felty.

If your lead results in a demo meeting before Nov 30. you will be handsomely rewarded - a $25 Tl Store gift certificate to the member turning in the lead!

Think of all the benefits that you have gained from your Toastmasters membership and don't be shy about offering that same opportunity to others!

Cece Wroblewski, DTM
Club Growth Director
Toastmasters District 54

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