Member Spotlight – Ching Yuan Su

Joining Toastmasters is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. My Toastmaster experience supports me through challenging times in my career life.

I joined a San Diego Toastmaster club back in 2006 when I was a pharmaceutical researcher. At that time, my main goal was simple: I wanted to practice and sharpen my job interview skills. But pretty soon, I found that I was gaining more knowledge than I had originally hoped for. Many members of that San Diego club were professionals working at local pharmaceutical companies. Because of similarity in our jobs, several Toastmasters and I soon became friends; we shared not only public speaking expertise but also professional know-how that was valuable to my bench work. The warmth and affection that I received from my Toastmaster friends moved me.

In addition, I want to mention that being a Toastmaster widened my ability to deal with new situations. Three years ago, I had to change suddenly my job from laboratory research to technical support. The latter profession required me to meet and talk to potential customers on a daily basis. Without the communication skills and the risk-taking mentality that I have cultivated as a Toastmaster for years, I might not have been able to manage this new job challenge well.

Overall, I learn to persevere and accommodate from my Toastmaster experience. Today, I am still a Toastmaster because I want to maintain a competitive edge in a changing society.

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