Member Spotlight – Helen Haynes

Helen Haynes, ACB, ALB

Helen Haynes, ACB, ALB

I first heard of Toastmasters by chance; -the word impressed me. I saw a flyer, but there was no contact information. I asked around for quite some time before I had the opportunity to return to the site where I first saw the flyer with the word Toastmasters on it.

I found the club and its meeting date and time, I showed up and was impressed.
There was a flow to the meeting I found exhilarating and I wanted to be a part of it. So I joined and jumped in with both feet, -literally. I gave speeches, evaluations, received feedback and made new friends. This would be the beginning of my Toastmasters journey. I was elected Secretary of this club and I still hold that position today.

After a while of being a member in good standing I was approached with the idea that I could join another club. I entertained the idea for a while, and then I showed up to that club and was surprised to see that (each club though different) was unique. I am not easily impressed, but here I was surrounded by a group of people that I already respected (I had seen most of them at my first Conference) in a group that I qualified to join, and so I did.

Going the Distance

As time went on I discovered that I could earn my educational designations sooner if I was more active in each club. I applied myself towards earning ALB and ACB status. Motivated by a member of my second club I soon learned that I could earn something called, "Triple Crown". I applied myself to this task and I earned a "Triple Crown" (2014). I was elected Vice President of Membership to this club.

I felt that I needed just a little more opportunity to learn about toastmasters, so I visited other clubs and found another club that I felt connected to and yes, I joined. Just recently, they gave me an "Outstanding Member" pin. I was overwhelmed. All I focused on in Toastmasters was self-improvement but it seemed that my efforts did not go un-noticed; - a pleasant surprise.

Adamant Toastmaster

I have happened upon a group of people who I am proud to associate with, as and "Adamant Toastmaster" I will continue to embrace the mission and the values of Toastmasters International.
I have learned how to "talk Toastmaster" to others and I have added new members to my clubs. I am a member of three clubs, and it pleases me to find the time to always help out Toastmasters any way that I can.

I love the recognition for my accomplishments and enjoy sharing this with my family. I am a proud member of the Voices for Service Toastmasters Club (Club Secretary), Four Seasons Toastmasters Club (Vice President of Membership) and Wingover Toastmasters Club (Outstanding Member).

Helen Haynes, ACB, ALB

Editorial Note

Ms. Helen Haynes is an active Toastmaster in Division E (District 54), and often shares her experience in Area and Division level Speech contests.

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