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Oswego Toastmasters Concludes Youth Leadership Program

Village of Montgomery, Ill. - Sept. 10, 2015

Oswego Youth Program Participants

Members of Oswego Toastmasters led by Theresa Sperling and Louis Kreppert coordinated and facilitated a Youth Leadership program benefitting middle school and high school students in the Village of Montgomery.

The eight (8) week program focused on helping the students practice skills needed for effective communication and leadership.

Working in groups of 6 - 10 students, they practiced skills on:

  • Organizing a Speech
  • Listening
  • Body Gestures,
  • Voice and Vocabulary
  • Impromptu Speaking

Each student presented 2 - 3 prepared speeches on various topics ranging from sports, church mission trips to music, and more.

One student presented a speech punctuated with beautiful singing.

I was nervous at first, but after some time my confidence soared , she said.

Feedback and Evaluations

Each week the students learned how to provide positive and constructive feedback.

In the second week the students were introduced to Table Topics. At first, it was hard for them to talk on a topic for more than 15 seconds, but by the eighth week they were averaging 45 seconds to a minute.


Theresa Sperling - Trustee

Theresa Sperling
Trustee, Village of Montgomery, Ill.

The program concluded with a celebration meeting, with parents and family members invited to watch as their students presented what they had learned.

The kids gave speeches, evaluations and table topics during the meeting, all to the amazement of the parents.

The parents said they could see a definite change in their kids over the eight weeks and it was well worth them attending.

It was wonderful to see the students learn and build confidence. This program was successful in teaching the youth of today how to be more confident, organized and skilled in both communications and leadership one parent said.


To mark the official end of the program, Theresa Sperling, a Village of Montgomery Trustee, presented a proclamation declaring September 10th, 2015 - Toastmasters Day.

Proclamation - Toastmasters Day

Editorial by Louis Kreppert, Oswego Toastmasters Club

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