Pathways FAQ

Pathways Surveys Questions and Answers, July 2017

It would be helpful to have an overview of the new program.
Toastmasters International web site - Education - Pathways has several videos describing the thinking about revamping the education and leadership tracks and to bring Toastmasters learning into the 21st century. The FAQ has been recently updated. There is an example of what the Ice Breaker will be like in Pathways too. The Toastmaster magazine has had Pathways related articles in the June, September and October 2016 issues as well as the June and July 2017 issues. There is also a Pathways resource on the District 54 web site.
Is it still worthwhile to talk new members through the CURRENT designation path? Or just be vague about it?
Yes, get new members involved in the current communication path since it is anticipated that Pathways will be rolled out in District 54 in the Fall/Winter of 2018. Have ALL members keep up with Pathways by reading the articles in the Toastmaster magazine.
How will we manage between the old education program and the new?
Refer to the October 2016 the Toastmaster article that outlines how BOTH DCP goals will be used until the final roll out that is anticipated in 2020. A club can have completions on both DCP plans … for example, current DCP goals 1, 3 and 6 mixed with Pathways DCP goals 2 and 5 to reach Distinguished.
Example: I am very close or in reach of CC/CL or any of the other awards and don't want to start over in a new education program. How does that work?
After the final roll out of Pathways there will be a two year period when both programs will run concurrently. Work on completing the education and leadership awards. They will follow your Toastmasters accomplishments on the TI database. When Pathways is rolled out in District 54 you can work from the current program and Pathways if you wish.
At what point if you have started an award in the old program do you recommend switching to the new?
It's up to the individual member. You can work from both programs until 2020.
How long after we transition do we have to complete all of our current projects?
When Pathways rolls out to the final Regions, anticipated to be in 2020, there will be a two year period for members to complete any current program awards.
Any advice for members who are sitting on the fence - waiting for pathways, reluctant to tackle another manual now?
You have two+ years so why not utilize those Advanced Communicator manuals. Keep your skills sharp!
Will the existing education program still be available and can we still work on completing it?
Yes, until the dual two year period is complete, anticipated in 2020.
If someone is finishing one level/designation through the old program how does that translate to the new program?
Toastmasters International will retain all the current designations on one database and all Pathways designations will be retained in another. The only current designation that carries over to Pathways is DTM.
Will there be advanced clubs in Pathways?
Yes! Refer to Toastmasters International and Pathways FAQ
How will the program be introduced to clubs?
Very thoroughly through the Pathways Guides training to the club and continued Pathways FAQ updates and Toastmaster articles.
What are the education designations that can be earned? (CC, DTM, etc)
Refer to the Pathways learning experience, Achievements and Awards tab.
Are there additional books for Pathways?
There will be.
Why is this change being made?
To bring Toastmasters into the 21st century. View videos on Toastmasters International web site - Education - Pathways learning experience.
If I get my DTM before Pathways, will I have to get a new DTM after Pathways?
It's the member's choice. Lots of new opportunities!
How much is Pathways & TM membership going to cost a new member? A renewing member?
From the Pathways FAQ:
Your regular membership dues cover the cost of your first path, however, if you choose the printed materials option for your path, there is a $25 printing fee. The cost for an additional path is $20, and if you elect to work in printed materials, the $25 printing fee also applies.
If you are working in one path and decide to switch to another path, you do not need to pay an additional $20 as long as you make the exchange within 30 days of the original purchase. The $25 fee you pay for a path with printed materials is not refundable. Remember: you can always print out copies of the Pathways materials on your own, at no charge. If you are enrolled in Pathways online, you can print out any of the materials on Base Camp.
Do I still have to pay a new member fee now that there are no Competent Communication (CC) or Competent Leadership (CL) manuals in Pathways?
Yes. Although new members will not receive a physical kit when they begin in Pathways, the new member fee covers membership processing costs, your first path, and access to Base Camp and its resources.
If I choose an online path, which means my learning materials are all digital, why do I still need to pay for Pathways if I’m not receiving manuals and other printed materials?
While it’s true that members who choose a path on Base Camp will not receive physical manuals or materials, Pathways gives you access to a richer learning experience, featuring 10 paths to choose from, over 300 real-world skills to learn and in-depth training resources to help you every step of the way. In addition, there are still costs associated with maintaining the Pathways learning experience, including software licensing, support and ongoing educational development.
I pay dues twice a year. Why don’t I receive a new path every time I pay dues?
Dues cover your ongoing membership as well as services provided to you, your club and your district. In Pathways, each new member receives one free path, just like you received a Competent Communication (CC) and Competent Leadership (CL) manual without any additional costs when you joined the traditional education program. Additional paths must be purchased individually in Pathways, similar to the traditional education program, which requires you to pay for additional manuals beyond the CC and the CL.
When I purchase an additional print path, do I need to pay the materials fee again? And do I also have to pay a shipping fee for each path?
Each time you purchase a print path, you pay a materials fee. This fee covers the cost of your materials and shipping. Shipping cost is included in the materials fee.
Will anything from my current education track carry over to the new education track?
No. All designations achieved under the current program will be stored on the TI data base. Pathways designations will be stored in Base Camp. All achievements will be saved by TI.
When will "real" training materials be available for D54 clubs?
Pathways Guides will begin visiting clubs with their Pathways kit and training when Pathways gets rolled out to District 54.
What is the roll out plan for Pathways in D54?
Anticipated roll out is Fall/Winter of 2018. Pathways Guides will visit all clubs to show them the 'ropes' of Base Camp and Pathways. Program Quality Director Tony Koury, DTM and 2018 PQD Jerry Evans, DTM will assign the Pathways Guides.
What D54 resources will be provided to assist clubs with implementation?
Pathways Guides training to each club plus availability for six months beyond roll out.
When will pathways be rolled out for our area and what documentation will you be giving the VPs of Ed to enable them to successfully roll out the program at the club level?
Pathways is anticipated to be rolled out to District 54 in Fall/Winter 2018. The Pathways Kit, given to each club by their Pathways Guide, will have a VPE manual on all of the 'how tos' associated with Pathways and maintaining records of member accomplishments.
My company currently recognizes Toastmaster designations in our employee records; are the Learning Paths equivalent to these designations?
Designations in Pathways will be 'new', except for DTM. The employer letter will be worded for the Pathways designations. There will be digital badges and certificates … read article in July 2017 the Toastmaster magazine.
What are the challenges transitioning more seasoned/advanced speakers to Pathways?
Change is always a challenge … think of going from a rotary phone to a touch tone phone to a cell phone to a smart phone. The Mikey phrase, 'Try it, you'll like it' comes to mind. I was very opposed to the DCP when it was first introduced but now I see how it promotes education and growth of each member.
Can you finish the old program and work in Pathways at the same time?
Yes, until the dual time frame ends … anticipated sometime in 2020.
Is Pathways replacing a part of the current program?
Pathways is a NEW program that enhances what is currently being used.
What is the highest designation and is it equivalent to the DTM?
The highest individual designation remains the DTM.


Is it true (Facebook rumor) there are about 20-25 pages of reading for each project or speech? (Facebook rumor)

TBD and Toastmasters International

Isn't the cost of Pathways & Toastmasters going to lose membership?
No, Toastmasters International expects just the opposite.
Will it be more difficult to hook new members, if everyone in the club is working on a different pathway and not sharing projects at meetings?
No, it will work very much like the current program.
When do I need to get my DTM in the current program?
Before the end of the dual time frame when both the current program and Pathways are running concurrently, anticipated 2020.
When do you expect to be fully running on the pathways education program?
Anticipated date 2018.
Does the District need "club ambassadors" to assist with the launch and training membership? If the District needs club ambassadors, how can one "apply"?
There is still a need for some Club Ambassadors. Go to the TI website - Education - Pathways - Volunteers to read about expectations. You can contact PQD Tony Koury or the Chief Club Ambassador Maryann Reichelt ( to apply.
Are the Better Speaker; Successful Club and Leadership Excellence series part of pathways?
I would think that these modules could be repurposed for some of the levels on several of the paths.
Are there printed materials to bring to clubs about Pathways?
Refer to what is on the District 54 web site - Pathways Paths and Core Competencies.

Special Questions

What does it offer to members who are retired?
Enhanced projects of what is currently being offered.
Will Pathways challenge Toastmasters with DTMs and 20+ years of tenure in the organization?
Yes, definitely!
What date is D54 and clubs expected to be fully transitioned to the Pathways program?
Anticipated sometime in 2018.
Have those clubs who are using Pathways made changes to their Mentoring program to accommodate the change?
The Pathways Mentor Program gives you the opportunity to help others by building and reinforcing the skills needed to provide effective mentoring. Complete this program and become a credentialed mentor once you are Proficient in a path.
I have been a member of Toastmasters for almost 20 years; Pathways feels like I will have to start over. Is this true?
It's a matter of perspective. You are different now than you were 20 years ago. Your speaking and leadership skills have grown. Pathways replacing the current education and leadership program can be compared to the Distinguished Club points system transitioning to the DCP Plan that we have today. It's similar but enhanced. It's a great learning opportunity for everyone at all levels.
How do I sign up to be a district officer to get my ALS?
Talk to any current District 54 officer for the details.