Prison Clubs

Through the years, there have been many Toastmasters clubs in prisons throughout the world. You might ask---how does that work? Do prison inmates fully participate in club activities? Do such clubs have their own officers? How do prison club officers get trained? How do they pay their dues? Can inmates participate in speech contests?

Prison clubs are funded via a “segment” of the Smedley Foundation where members and friends can make tax deductible donations that can be used to support dues payments and other expenses for prison clubs. That new “segment” now exists as part of the Smedley Fund, however procedures to manage donations and assure those donations go to the prison club of your choice have not been established. Ray Termini has been appointed District 54 “Prison Club Coordinator” and will be communicating with you regarding specific activities in District 54 and how you can participate.

Hilltop Toasters Toastimonials

Educational Materials

Educational Opportunities

Prison clubs offer a chance for inmates to continue learning and practice communication and leadership skills.

Geographic Initiatives

Strong Participation

Strong clubs with full meeting agendas allow a great experience for all members.

Youth Outreach


Inmates who have completed at least a Competent Communicator manual have very low recidivism (return to prison) rates.

Hardship Assistance


Corrections Departments everywhere are asking for Toastmasters help in chartering and supporting more prison clubs.