Program Quality Director Report – Jan 2016

Happy New Year! I wish all of you the best and hope you accomplish all of your goals.

TLI Updates

Our next TLIs are:

  • TLI West - January 23rd at WIU Quad City Campus
  • TLI North - February 6th at St. Charles city hall

Does everyone remember the challenge I set for each division?

Let's get at least 4 clubs from each division to get all 7 officers trained!

Division Directors start thinking about when and where you will hold your make-up training. Send training dates/location information to

2016 Spring Conference

The date for the Spring Conference is April 22-23, 2016

Club/Area/Division Speech Contests

As I mentioned last month, suggested times for the contests:

  • Club contests should be held in late January/early February (work around TLIs), Area Directors, let your clubs know to start scheduling their contests
  • Area contests should be held in mid-February/early March
  • Division contests should be held in early March and no later than April 2

Stay away from the Saturday of DEC meetings and the week-end of Easter.

Send contest dates/location information to

Presidents' Luncheon

We will have our President's luncheon and DEC meeting on February 13th in Bloomington at State Farm Insurance, located at 2309 East Oakland Ave.

I have sent email invitations to all the club presidents this week. I need them to RSVP, so we can determine the number of attendees. The Presidents will get their lunch paid for by the district.

Member Education Achievements

We have 58 educational awards and 52 leadership awards completed so far this year; let's keep those designations rolling in.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Horton, DTM
Program Quality Director

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