Program Quality Director Report – July 2016

Reminders - Area/Division Success Plan Workshop

  • Area plans due July 25th
  • Division plans due Aug. 3rd

Thank you!

Thank you to all of the Area and Division Directors who attended training on June 25! We had a great turn out…and great training sessions! Thank you for showing commitment and dedication to your new leadership position!

On that note, I strongly encourage all of you to attend the monthly DEC meetings and the subsequent training sessions. We have a plethora of training sessions scheduled just for our Area and Division Directors that are of tremendous benefit and great value. These training sessions will make us all better at achieving our goals this year. That being said, I am really looking forward to working with all of you this year.


Thirty-nine Clubs Reached Distinguished Status or better during the last Toastmasters year. This is 46.43% of the Clubs.

Distinguished Club Program as of June 30
  • Division A - 2 clubs Distinguished, 1 club Select Distinguished, 2 clubs President’s Distinguished
  • Division B - (President’s Distinguished Division) – 5 clubs Distinguished, 3 clubs Select Distinguished, 2 clubs President Distinguished
  • Division C – 1 club Select Distinguished, 3 clubs President’s Distinguished
  • Division D - 1 club Distinguished, 4 clubs Select Distinguished, 4 clubs President’s Distinguished
  • Division E – 2 clubs Distinguished, 3 clubs Select Distinguished, 2 clubs President’s Distinguished
  • Division F – 2 clubs Distinguished, 1 club Select Distinguished, 1 club President’s Distinguished

TLI and TLI Make-Up Training Sessions

The first training must occur between Jun 1 and August 31, when officers begin their terms.
  • TLI WEST – July 23, 2016 @ WIU Quad City Campus, Moline, IL - Dean is Jenn Yates
  • TLI NORTH – July 30, 2016 @ Our Savior Lutheran Church, Joliet, IL - Dean is Rich Lane
  • Have you scheduled your Division Make Up training?

Mark your calendars. The second training must occur between December 1 and February 28 (or 29).

Area and Division Speech Contests

Division Humorous/Tall Tales Speech Contests need to be finished by Sept. 17, 2016.

Please plan Club and Area contests accordingly.

Notification of Contest Winner forms should be sent to Jon Greiner, Contest Chair for the District 54 Fall Conference.

Area Club Visit Reports

First round of visits by November 30, and for the second round of visits by May 31.

District 54 Leaders encourage you to get your reports in early. It is recommended that you submit the Area Club Visit Reports by October 31 and April 30.


This allows you more time and opportunity to visit the clubs more regularly. It also helps with system limitations, as the on-line form tends to get bogged down as due dates start closing in.

Introducing Toastmasters Pathways

The revitalized education program has a new name: Toastmasters Pathways. Read all about it in this month’s Toastmaster magazine. The article, titled “The Possibilities of Pathways,” highlights the exciting enhancements.

Angie Mullin,
Program Quality Director

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