Program Quality Director Report – March 2016

Toastmasters International Dashboards Updated

The officer training is now available on the Toastmasters International Dashboard. If you have a question about the training let me know immediately.

International Speech & Evaluation Contests

The Area Speech contests are under way and the Division contests will soon follow. If anyone would like to help with these contests please contact the Area or Division Directors. I’m sure they would appreciate your help! If any Area Directors don’t use all the Medals, please return them to me so the District can change the engraved plate and recycle the medal.

Check Progress

There are four months left in this toastmaster year. Have you looked lately at your educational and leadership goals that you set in July? What would it take to get an educational or leadership designation by the end of June to help you and your club’s DCP goal?

We have 85 educational and 73 leadership designations completed so far this year; let’s keep those designations rolling in. Encourage your members to meet their goals.

2016 Spring Conference

The conference chairs and their committees are working hard to give you a fantastic Spring Conference.

If you have attended a conference in the past, then you know how much fun it is to network, meet new people, hear the best contest contestants in the district, and listen to the educational sessions. If you have not been to a conference then step out and join us April 22-23 in St. Charles at the Hilton Gardens.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Horton, DTM
Program Quality Director

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