September PR Newsletter

Now that you are Club VPPR

Would you rather give a presentation to a full house in your club meeting, or the same 5 people every other week?

Read on to learn how some simple steps can turn your club into a powerhouse of skilled, motivated individuals.


  • Ensure you have an inviting club environment to attract new members
  • Articulate the benefits of your club
  • Identify 1 or 2 ideas that might add 2 - 3 guests at every meeting
  • Convert 5 - 10 guests into new members in every PR campaign
  • Reinvigorate your club

Action Plan to Realize Gains on a PR Campaign

  • Plan your OPEN House several months in advance
  • Reach out to community businesses in the surrounding area
  • Each person on your PR committee should review businesses in the vicinity of the meeting location
  • Survey the businesses and come up with 2 or 3 that also align with your club vision
  • Identify a point of contact in each business
  • Join local business organizations to extend your network of potential members or new clubs
  • Your local Chamber of Commerce is a possible way to reach influential business owners
  • Make it clear to new contacts your mission is to grow your club by sharing the benefits and values of Toastmasters
  • Encourage diversity in your club to make it stronger

Businesses to Target - Ask these Questions

  • What types of business can you reach within a 3 miles radius of meeting location?
  • What work do they do?
  • Do they need Toastmasters?
  • Do they have at least 15 employees?

Polish up Marketing Materials

  • Ensure that Toastmasters International branding is used - check the Brand Portal for more information
  • Prepare a club information packet with membership forms, TI Magazine, business cards, etc.
  • Utilize PR and Advertising options as needed
  • Exhaust all free public relations venues for publicity
  • Create Press Releases for promoting events on a regular basis. A press release template is available on the TI site
  • Pay for advertising as needed, such as in the Spring/Fall Conference booklets
  • Obtain and use Business cards for all club members and officers

Opportunities to Improve or add Value to Club Meetings

  • Capture significant events and fun memories from your meetings by adding a reporter role to the meetings. This could be the secretary or VP-PR office; however, it would be best to rotate the role from time to time to ensure that folks don't get burnt out - also ensure that you are capturing different perspectives from the club. These would be pictures taken (at least one really good photo) during the meeting and a saying or quote from the meeting that was insightful or meaningful or fun, or a caption to go with the picture, or something to that effect
  • Consider recording the meetings (with permission from participants - use TI's photo and video release forms to capture consent)
    • Provide a snippet for Facebook
    • Take pictures and post them on social media or club website
    • Assign someone to take ownership of social media updates
  • Start a blog - add this to your club website. This would use information pulled from the reporter role.
  • Start and end the meeting on time, every time
  • Start a Club Newsletter. Set the expectation for how often it is published.
  • Share responsibilities for PR efforts with all club members and ensure that credit is given where due
  • Ensure that every role player has a backup and is responsible for reporting on assigned tasks
  • Implement a Toastmaster Recognition Program for your club - feature this as part of your PR efforts

Eddie Gichuhi, DTM
Public Relations Manager
Toastmasters District 54

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