Toastmasters’ Dues Increasing

Member Dues to Increase by 25%

Valerie Horton, DTM

Valerie Horton, DTM
District Director - 2016-2017

As previously announced, effective October 1, 2016, Toastmasters membership dues will increase. This decision was not taken lightly, and after significant discussion and analysis, the Toastmasters International Board continues to support their decision.

Membership dues fund day-to-day service, operations and program development. The $1.50 per month, per member, increase is intended to ensure stability within the organization, and to provide significant improvements in services and programs for members, clubs, and volunteer leaders at all levels.

It is never easy to implement a price increase in any organization. As a result, you may have received or seen some controversial communications. District 54 leaders are aware of the comments, and we understand that you, too, may have questions or concerns of your own. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to seek out more information by referencing the Dues Increase FAQ" page on the Toastmasters International website.

We understand the dues increase will impact all our members differently. Since we are also transitioning through the change, we certainly understand the financial decisions you will need to make. We hope, however, as you make your decisions, that you consider all of the benefits of being a Toastmaster.

Toastmasters is an amazing organization that has changed the lives of so many. We hope that you have seen and experienced enough of the benefits to make it easy to embrace the change, continue to grow, and recommit to help shape the lives of others.

We greatly appreciate all District 54 members. We value your commitment to support membership achievement through club excellence, and we commend those who are able to engage so many others in the benefits of Toastmasters. Therefore, we are willing to assist in any way we can. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you and/or your club members through this change.

Yours in Toastmasters,

Valerie Horton

District Director (2016-2017)

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