Welcome to 2016-2017

Welcome to your 2016-17 Toastmasters year!

Valerie Horton, DTM

Valerie Horton, DTM
District Director - 2016-2017

I look forward to working and getting to know all of you as we spread the word of Toastmasters and offer the benefits to those seeking to increase their skills in communication and leadership.

Raise the Bar

My goal for the district is to raise the bar. We will work hard to build 12 new clubs, bring 60% or more of our clubs to charter strength, & 50% or more of our clubs to distinguished status or better.

By doing this we are helping all members to reach their goals of personal development by providing them with well run, well attended meetings. We have much work to accomplish this year, but I am confident that we will get it done with the help of all of you.

Be Contagious!

Take the time - something we all seem to have very little of these days. MAKE the time to inspire others. Make a difference in YOUR world. Use your Toastmaster skills outside of your club, in your home, in your community, in your work environment. Your passion, your energy and enthusiasm will be contagious.

All of us working together will make a difference in OUR world. SHARE what you have been given, what you have achieved.

Inspire others. As you climb to the top of your personal development, don't do it alone - take someone with you. Make a difference in their lives. You know what it has done for you - now share it. For as they say, when you give, you will get it back tenfold.

I am honored to serve all of you in District 54! We have talented district leaders and staff who will make a difference in the lives of many toastmasters.

Our journeys are enhanced by the people we meet along the way. Henry Ford stated, "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." Here is to an inspiring and successful year in District 54, as we all move forward together!

Be Inspired.

Warmest regards,

Valerie Horton, DTM
District Director

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