Why should I attend TLI this year?

2017 District 54 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)

  1. Your club wants to be Distinguished by the end of the year.

    At the time of the TLI, we will be more than half way through the Toastmasters year! The good news is that each TLI session (North, South and West) will have a special interactive opening program to help our club officers identify how they can LEAD THE WAY for their club to become Distinguished by June 30.

    We highly encourage all club officers from each club to attend so they work together in developing a plan for their club. Leaving the TLI with renewed energy for the rest of the year, our officers can then bring their plan and that energy back to their members.

    Let us all focus on Leading the Way towards Distinguished.
    It is through that measure we know that our members are being served.

  2. You are a club officer.

    If you are a club officer, you need to attend training for your role, even if you have held that position before.

    This will help you learn the basics of your role. (What are my responsibilities? What resources are available to me on the Toastmasters International website? Who can I talk to if I get stuck?)

    It will also give you a chance to talk with others who are in the same situation. To meet club DCP goal number nine, each club needs a minimum of four officers trained at each TLI.

    Last summer, we had 5 clubs with 100% of the officers trained, and we hope to improve on that metric this winter! Which clubs will meet DCP goal number nine this year?

  3. You are interested in serving as an officer in the future.

    Maybe you are a brand new member. Maybe you have just had a promotion at work or a new baby or you have been taking a huge course load at school. Maybe you just want to focus on your communication skills for a while.

    For whatever reason, you are not feeling ready to take on an official leadership role just yet, but there is that one role that looks like something you could do in the future. Go ahead and attend the training for that office! Not only will it give you a better idea of what the role entails, but you will also be able to hit the ground running when you do take office, eliminating a lot of potential stress.

  4. You want to expand your Toastmasters experience in other ways.

    Club officer trainings are not the only things that happen at TLI!

    Have you considered taking on a mentoring responsibility? Have you thought about obtaining a mentor? A training session will be offered to discuss the benefits of mentor/mentee relationships. Are you curious about what you would need to do to become a Distinguished Toastmaster? There's a class offering for that, too! Who knows? You might just learn more about your new favorite topic! Or, you may be there to help someone else!

  5. You want to meet other Toastmasters.

    Building friendships within your own club is vital, but there is so much more out there!

    At TLI, you will have the chance to meet your fellow Toastmasters from different clubs across the District (and occasionally some from outside). You will meet people from corporate clubs, advanced clubs, and clubs that meet first thing in the morning. You'll meet District leaders and members who just gave their Icebreaker speech last week.

    Each of their experiences is different. But you'll never know if you don't get out and meet them! TLI is a friendly and welcoming environment for making friends outside of your club.

  6. You want to be a better leader.

    The need for those core skills from the CL manual-listening, critical thinking, providing feedback, and the like -never goes away, but there is always more to learn. How do we manage conflict when working as part of a team? How can we tell if our style of leading is a healthy one? How can we improve communication in order to make sure everyone is working towards shared goals?

    If you have ever wished you could be more effective at making and managing change in your everyday life, TLI is the place to be.

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