Your Club CAN be Distinguished by this Time Next Year!

Consider implementing this checklist of ideas to get your club off to a great start! If you have questions, your Area Directors and your Division Director are there to help.

  • If you have less than 12 members, seek out help from your Area Director to obtain a club coach.
  • Make sure all club web pages, social networking sites and marketing materials are updated with current meeting and officer information.
  • Verify that your club has a way to track educational goals. EasySpeak is a great club management tool. If you are not using it, what are you using?
  • Ensure your club has a working mentoring program. If not, implement one.
  • Encourage all club officers to get trained. A minimum of 4 officers need to attend a TLI or Officer Make Up Training session this summer to be eligible to meet one of the 10 Club DCP Goals.
  • Complete a Club Success Plan and share it with your Area Director and your club members.
  • Complete an event calendar. Include at least 1 Membership Growth Campaign per Quarter. Ask Club VPPRs and VPMs to share their ideas and add their planned events.
  • Ask the Club VPE to send out a club Program Quality Survey or conduct personal interviews. Ask club members to share their educational goals for the year. Use these results to help shape your club goals and your Club Success Plan.
  • Present "Moments of Truth" to the club. Use these results to help shape club goals and your Club Success Plan.
  • Prepare members to participate in club, area, division and district speech contests! Encourage members to step out of their comfort zone, because this is the only way to grow.
  • Start promoting attendance at the District 54 Fall Conference. Which club will have the most members at the Fall Conference?
Do you have additional ideas?
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